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Bill Conti – Having a hard time making ends meet… this husband and father of two made the gutsy decision to stop playing music in small night clubs (which provided his only income) and follow his own ‘truth’ and became an Oscar & Emmy Award Winning Composer!



The Rocky movie theme song “Gonna Fly Now” is what connected me to Bill Conti.  I heard the story of how Slyvester Stallone struggled to get a small budget to produce the first Rocky movie.  The budget for the movie’s important music score was very small – only $25,000 for everything!  Bill took a chance on a small movie that became a blockbuster! 


Recently I got to interview Bill – what a treat!  He is not only one of Hollywood’s most respected, prolific and entertaining composers but he’s a really nice man as well. 


During the interview he surprised me by playing some of his hits on his piano for us – hits like “Gonna Fly Now” (Rocky), “The Right Stuff” (he won an Oscar for the score of The Right Stuff), and “For Your Eyes Only” (Bond movie – For Your Eyes Only) - incredible!  The man’s a master!


Later in the interview Bill gave us some advice I will always remember and will pass on to others… he says that you have to find “your truth and live it”.  In other words you can’t say you’re a composer if you’re playing other people’s music in night clubs night after night for 20 years.  The harsh reality of a friend’s words made him make up his mind to take a huge risk, quit his night club job and become the composer he always wanted to be!

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