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CodyTeets.jpgCody grew up in modest circumstances.  Her parents divorced when she was four years old.  She and her mother and two younger sisters lived with her grandparents.  For several years, they received welfare and food stamps to make ends meet. 


At only fourteen years of age Cody got her first job and by sixteen she was working for the company where she would remain, climbing the ranks and building a stellar career!  Today she’s Vice President & General Manager of the Rocky Mountain Region at McDonalds, USA responsible for nearly 800 restaurants! 


CodyTeetsBook.jpgI was introduced to Cody by her book ‘Golden Opportunity’.  Cody wrote the book to dispel the myth that “flipping burgers” is a dead end job.  In the book she interviews over 40 successful people including Jay Leno, Jeff Bezos (founder of, Andie MacDowell (actress), and Andrew H. Card (former White House chief of staff).  What do they have in common with 20 million Americans… they all started their careers at a McDonald’s restaurant!


‘Golden Opportunity’ is an encouraging and inspiring book.  In it each person interviewed, including Cody herself, recall what they learned at McDonald’s and how those lessons helped them build their remarkable careers.   Check out our interview - you’ll never think of McDonald’s as the land of the McJob again!



All profits from the sale of ‘Golden Opportunity’ are being donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charities.  To get more information or to order a copy of the book please visit:

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