Tim Medvetz

Kristin interviews Tim Medvetz who barely survived a terrible motorcycle crash. He was told he would never walk again. He conquered Mt. Everest only 6 years later!.


Jeffrey Tambor



Joseph Boardman

CEO of Amtrak


Rudy Rueittiger

A Navy veteran and Notre-Dame football legends who credits his time in the military for all his eventual success. His movie Rudy has inspired millions.


Robert Kiosaki

Flew helicopters for the Army in Vietnam. He started a business that began to fail and owed investors $1 million dollars yet he became a best-selling author of books like 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad', 'The Midas Touch', and 'Unfair Advantage.'


Robert Irvine

Joined the British Royal Navy at 15 years old and learned to cook in the Navy. Today he's a celebrity chef who's cooked for the Royal Family and US Presidents. He's TV series Resturant Impossible is a big hit with more than 50 episodes!


Stefanie Taylor

Gold Medal Boxing Champion and knock-out!


Dan Goldenberg

Executive Director for the Call of Duty Endowment - After graduating from the United States Naval Academy he became an aircraft carrier based naval flight officer. He rose to Commanding Officer and was and was special assistant to the Secretary of the Navy! Along the way he earned a graduate degree at the Harvard Business School. Today he’s helping veterans find employment opportunities in the private sector as the Executive Director of the Call of Duty Endowment organization.

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